Indian Food Trail

Indian food is a culinary journey like no other. With so many varieties and a treat to all the five senses, it is an adventure of its kind. Indian Food Trail connects you with our talented home chefs, who are excited to help navigate various Indian cuisines and share their traditions and stories of generations past, with you. Our platform enables you to explore India, its rich flavours through a local's tastebuds.


Pick the cuisine and host you want to try. From spicy Chettinad to Sattvik Jain cuisine, you will find a great variety on Indian Food Trail.


Begin your date with Indian food by booking a seat at one of our hosts’ dinner table 48 hours in advance.


Show up and eat to your heart's content! Our hosts love to bond over food and are passionate about their craft.


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If you love to take your guests on a culinary journey through your cuisine, we cannot wait to work with you!

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Food Karma

Food Karma

Warmth, love and human connection is at the core of Indian Food Trail. Join us in creating a Hunger Free India by supporting our CSR initiative, Food Karma - Every bite counts! Feeding the needy is not only a good way to earn good karma, but also deeply rooted in our culture. Let's do our bit.

We are working towards reducing child hunger in the country. Register with us as a Guest and for every meal you book with us, we will donate a meal to a child in need on your behalf. We wholeheartedly thank you for your kind support.